Here are some words from our customers regarding the quality of our events:
“Started going to JTAC Events my first year into airsoft. And my first impression was an event in Guernsey, WY where another milsim company was hosting a game and asking almost triple what JTAC was asking for about the same amount of days in the game. Since then the guys at JTAC have constantly looked to move their games forward – adjusting rules and AO’s to provide a milsim experience everyone can enjoy. From the hardcore milsim fanatics to the casual airsoft player, if you’re going to make an event, make it a JTAC one every time. There hasn’t been a single time I’ve left green river and regretted the 6 hour drive to sling BBs with JTAC.” -Ryan Desmond, 29, Green River, WY
“JTAC hosted my first milsim op (Operation Leatherback) and I’ve attended their events ever since. They are great events that are constantly being improved upon. I found they are small enough for new players to get into, but deep enough for vets to have a good time. Some of my best airsoft memories have been at JTAC events and I’ll probably keep attending JTAC games as long as I’m playing airsoft. Keep up the good work, Ross and crew!!” -Isaac Holm, Parker, CO
“I have been playing airsoft for just over seven years now. I have played for many different hosting and milsim companies; JTAC is by far my favorite. They put on fantastic games and always listen to the public to make their product better. I now play most of my airsoft solely at JTAC events because I know they will be of a great quality and I will have the best experience possible. ” -Hayden Green, 20, Elizabeth, CO
“I’ve been involved in airsoft since late 2008 as a player, team leader, game host, and community builder. I started milsim in 2012 and I’ve been to just about every game and operation JTAC has thrown. Ross Kortgardner has a passion for hosting games that extends far beyond the money there is to be made in the semi-sport. He was a player first and stepped up to host games after being dissatisfied with the option we had available for local play in Colorado. Because he is a player first, and understands the airsoft animal, he built his reputation throwing the best OPs I’ve been to, to this day, at prices that no one was competing with. He always puts his players first and diligently collects feedback and works to improve his game mechanics and experience. As the Colorado airsoft community has evolved I’ve grown nostalgic for older JTAC games like Hunt for Bin Laden and Project Alpha, back when players understood airsoft is about having fun, far more than about how many kills you get in a day. Despite this trend in the community Ross continues to pour copious effort into keeping things fresh and has expanded his reach to Texas, Utah, and Wyoming, as he’s ramping up to take JTAC national. If you’ve never been to a JTAC game or event, I’d highly encourage you to check it out. The experience is catered to the entire airsoft community, from the first-day player, to seasoned players with loads of national level events under their belt. Expect blank fire, intricate props, back story, and basic objectives beyond shoot the bad guy. I keep coming back to JTAC games because it’s a community and Ross encourages us to enjoy the guy you’re shooting at as much as the guys you’re shooting with. Once you give it a shot, you’ll never look back.” -Chris Barr, Denver, CO
“What I like about JTAC is they’re small enough where you get the personal experience, but big enough that they put on spectacular events. You can tell Ross and his team really care about their players. They put A LOT of thought into their OPs, and try to give a true to life experience. Some of my best memories of airsoft have been at JTAC events. These guys are the real deal. ” -Mark Sandoval, 40, Apex Predator Airsoft, Fort Collins, CO
“After going to dozens of other events; the JTAC staff has impressed me greatly with their events. They keep their events just realistic enough to make military vets like me happy while not so realistic that it frustrates the average player. Their concern for improvement is fantastic and they’re constantly listening to player input.” -Daniel Richard, 25, Billings, MT
“I went to my first JTAC event last year, and it was awesome! It was OP Dragons Keep. The staff was very friendly and helpful. As a newcomer to airsoft I had the jitters. I didn’t know what to expect, but the JTAC staff had everything all laid out and made everything from checking in to playing on the field smooth. I attend the JTAC weekend warrior games and it is the most fun I have – I get to enjoy the games and the friendships I develop along the way.. JTAC, I salute you.” -Juan Ammo Lopez, Fountain, CO