The year is 2035. Most of planet Earth lies in ruin, rubble, and unrest. An ever cracking “peace” has taken over since the war ended five years ago. Some called it World War III; others named it appropriately the 15-year war. Country after country fell by the wayside as world power after world power rose and fell.

Rising from the dust of the war were two factions that cover all within the planet. Countries that kept alliances even after the United Nations fell in 2020 such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, France and Australia. This group became known as “The Republic” and is constantly striving to rebuild and regrow what was lost. The other half of this uneasy peace treaty is who has become known as “Separatists.” This group of ‘take what you can and give nothing back’ is mostly made up of well-organized 3rd world country Terrorist groups, what’s left of Russia, North Korea, Eastern Europe, most of Africa and parts of South America.

A race for survival or world domination has begun; the dam of peace begins to crack as the first hammer of battle smashes against its walls trying to let loose the raging rivers of war once again. Who will you join?


If your team has a specific pattern (that is not listed) and you would like to use it, you must be in a full squad of 9 or more, Also you must get approval from JTAC staff prior to the week of the event via email. All headwear must match faction color, no black headwear, no civilian baseball caps.



Join the Republic Forces by clicking the flag!

Republic Camouflage – Tan Uniforms


– Three color DCU
– Solid Tan Khaki
– DESPAT (Digital Desert)
– Arid Multicam
– Original Multicam



Join the Separatist Union by clicking the flag!

Separatist Camouflage – Green Uniforms


– Woodland M81 (US and other similar patterns)
– Solid OD top and Bottom
– Marpat (Digital Woodland)
– British DPM
– Russian Green patterns
– Multicam Tropical


Join the Civilians by clicking the flag!

The Civilian Militia Division, or CMD, is a large coalition of people from around the world that separate themselves from both the Separatist and Republic forces. Whether it be for different ideals, a sense of freedom, or religious beliefs, the CMD keeps to an independent state. While they have multiple divisions on every continent they do not rely on one other for support. Instead, they trade favors and services with nearby forces for food, water, and other resources. The CMD is very accepting of any into their midst, as long as they never had too strong of an affiliation with either the Separatists or Republic.

All uniforms in this category must not resemble or hint that you could be tan or green teams and or red for admin. The following is CMD approved uniforms tops-Button up shirts in solid, stripe, Hawaiian and or plaid patterns. Solid t-shirt colors, Bright colored camo patterns such as urban gray, blue. Please keep in mind if you get hot and have to change to a lighter undershirt and or shorts, they must represent the CMD patterns.

The following are pants, jeans, cargo pants in a solid color(black approved), Middle Eastern Garb and headdress.
NO! Multicam or woodland pants, camo tops, bump fast helmets, hats that are green or tan.

Civilian baseball caps approved (non-CMDD), and post-apocalyptic look approved (when approved by admin per game)


What does a CMD member do?

– Role play
– Can be a merchant
– Local police
– Takes trade: money, food, ammo anything you desire
– Control the flow goods in your local area
– Manage a town

CMD players carry 2 Tourniquets. CMD Respawn at FOB and or specific starting point

Each Clan will have specific roles and dress
Only and we repeat only the CMDD can carry rifles and wear tactical gear. Both of the clans are authorized to carry pistols and shotguns only! Limited on tac gear.

House of Adrian
– This Clan is made up of business swindlers, thieves, drug lords, gangs, criminals, bar and casino owners.
– Armband or handkerchief color is Purple
– Any means necessary to make money
– Rifles and tac gear not approved

House of Eligius
– This Clan is made up of local populous, made up of farmers, local shop owners, doctors, cooks, traders or merchants, press or news, normal civilian life.
– Armband or handkerchief color is Orange
– Rifles and tac gear not approved

C.M.D.D.(Civilian Militia Defence Division)
– This Clan is the Police/Insurgency they fight for the people(CMD) when they are attacked by the other 2 factions. They are not a MERC style fighting force. They will protect the people as well as collect taxes from other local CMD leaders and villagers (when applicable). They will patrol areas of the AO when put on a mission to do so, they also have the authorization to search areas as well as eradicate any HVTs in the area when a mission is given. This group cannot be bribed and or hired for jobs. If so you might be placed in prison.
– This group uniforms must be blue top only. Pants: black/blue pants and or jeans. Headgear must be black or blue in a solid form no sports teams ball caps. More solid colors the better. No tact gear in camo patterns, only black or grey tact gear.
– Rifles and Pistols Approved
– Rifles and Tactical Gear approved