JTAC Airsoft & Milsim Events

Welcome to JTAC! We are a military simulation company that hosts large-scale war game and training scenarios. We host our events at a wide variety of realistic settings across the country — including military training facilities and invite-only areas of operation. Our games are fast-paced, and each fighting squad plays a critical role in the outcome of every battle. We’re confident you’ll absolutely love our immersive experience.

What is JTAC Airsoft & Mislim?

Our purpose as a production company is to build a strong community of people who wish to train and further their abilities in the field at locations near and around the Rocky Mountain Region. We are dedicated to producing airsoft weapon based events that are fun, yet accurate simulations of scaled-down military strategies. Our goal is not only to produce training events at a variety of locations but also cater to multiple age groups and experience levels.
Our mission is to produce quality airsoft training events by:
– Hosting varied operation, skirmish, and small engagement training events
– Keeping up-to-date of current, real, military strategies, and squad-based tactics
– Utilizing social media and local retailers to direct event promotions

What is Milsim? Military Simulation.

Two armies battle each other in large, realistic settings. Each army can have hundreds of combatants, and the performance of each player counts towards the final result of the battle. Imagine riding a deuce and a half to the edge of a town where you and your friends dismount and form into squads; you approach the village in a wedge formation, with overwatch snipers covering your advance. You make it through machine gun fire to the edge of a house filled with enemy soldiers. Your squad stacks up, you toss a grenade through the door, and you breach the room to explosions, gunfire, and chaos. You snap off two headshots as you clear the door, and your best friend gets it all on camera… As airsoft players, these are the moments we live for. Our mission at JTAC is to deliver these moments to every single player at every single event.

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Come to a JTAC Event:

Our unique “Tactiflow” concept increases your time in the fight … gets you into more engagements … eliminates long walks to respawn … and most importantly — keeps your adrenaline pinned at maximum levels.

Awesome AOs
We get you access to exclusive AOs. We have OPs with C-130s zooming overhead during real military training exercises, and we get to play in structures built by military units for their operations.

Blank Gunfire
We shoot blank fire out of real guns at our events. This gives a more realistic feel as armaments detonate around you.

“Ghosting” is a concept first created by Rhodesian Revolt. After you’ve used your lives (usually three lives total), you’re “a ghost” that hangs out behind your squad. This prevents losing your friends, and it lets you stay close to the action.

You’re in Charge
You get to choose your level of involvement. You choose your role, your weapon, your squad fragos, and you can participate in planning your squad’s objectives.

Geocaching Missions
We offer one of a kind “Geocaching.” Using your GPS, we give you coordinates through an online file before the op for exclusive objectives designated only to you.

Squad Cohesion
Have you ever been disappointed because you couldn’t play with your friends? Or you lose them because of long walks back to respawn? At JTAC events you’re with your friends the entire time — it’s our guarantee.

Fight with Your Vehicle
We are one of the few hosting companies that lets players bring their own “technical” (vehicles). That means you and your team can fight from your own Humvee (contact us for details).

Squad Based Missions
You and your squad can choose your missions, and your performance counts towards the end result of the battle. This drives team fundamentals that more accurately mimic a real military experience.

IN Game Admin
We have IN-Game admin (referees) that patrol the field of play to help monitor cheating and disagreements.

Medical Professionals on Hand at Large Events
Your safety is our primary concern. All measures are taken to ensure we host OPs with limited injuries.

Cohesive Uniforms
Uniform codes make it easy to recognize who’s on your team and who isn’t. This eliminates friendly fire and looks extra cool on photos and videos.

Milsim Light
In addition to our full-blown OPs, we’re one of the only Milsim companies that offer “Weekend Warrior Games” (which we affectionately call “Milsim Light”). These are organized games that are more immersive than pickup games, but not quite as serious as full Milsim events. Whatever your commitment, we have the perfect format to fit your tastes and budget.

Flexible Assignments
When you sign up to a JTAC OP, you can switch yourself to and from squads, change your primary weapon designation, and move things around without waiting for admin to do it for you. Your entire profile is adjustable right here on our website.

Accessible Maps and Downloads
As soon as you get your ticket, you’re provided your AO maps and other information for the event. If you’ve ever been to a “big brand” Milsim event, you know how frustrating it can be to wait weeks for that information.

We’re Players Just Like You
Unlike some other Milsim companies; we’re players just like you. That means you get personal attention through every phase of your experience. No more waiting days for an email reply. No more being “just another number.” When you come to our events, you’re a member of the family on and off the field.

Awesome Bonuses
Each ticket gets you an exclusive JTAC grab bag that includes patches, maps, stickers, and entry into our world-class raffle at the end of the event. Our raffles are notorious for giving away huge prizes such as high-quality guns, gear, and clothing. You’ll definitely leave JTAC events with some extra airsoft digs!


Are you ready to take your Milsim to Squad level?